Virus Outbreak/Zombie Movies to Watch

Having to spend lots of time indoors recently? Take the opportunity to educate yourself with a timely selection of virus outbreak/zombie movies.

Train to Busan

Contagion. The most realistic; don’t watch if you are easily depressed.

Train to Busan. Beautiful zombie movie. Is that possible?

Resident Evil series. Who needs a plot when you have Milla Jovovich mincing zombies in skimpy clothes.

Outbreak. Bit over the top but good actors make it decent entertainment.

Braindead. Totally over the top by Peter Jackson with memorable “Party is over!” scene.

World War Z. Fast zombies? Fucking blasphemy. If you like Brad Pitt, watch 12 Monkeys.

12 Monkeys. Terry Gilliam’s classic.

The Walking Dead series. The Lord of the Flies set in a zombie land.

I Am Legend. Will Smith works better with monsters in a black suit.

28 Days Later. It kind of sucks to wake up from a coma and find that the world is full of zombies.

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